Lps, CDs and Videos
With De Nazaten: On Stage

2005: YOLO, solo CD;
Strotbrock 501

2004: The Six Winds,
Maihama. Japan Tour 2002 Summer
Volume 2

2003: Poku Kon Na Wan  
  2002: The six Winds,
Komoro. Japan Tour 2002, Summer Volume 1

2001: RISING video by Christian Skina about improvised dance and music, with the dancers David Zambrano (Venzuela) and Toru Iwashiata (Japan) and 'multi bass-band' Intermission

2000: De Nazaten (v/h de Nazaten van Prins Hendrik), 'Kachéché' Pan(184)
1999: The Six Winds with Andrew White and Kazutoki Umezu 'Number 6'
(Bv Haast 9912)
1999: Intermission with Derek Bailey, Chris Burn and Gilius van Bergeijk 'Unanswered Questions'
(BV Haast 9906)
1997: Nazaten van Prins Hendrik, `Kownu Boy e Dansi'
(Panrecords 163 CD)
1997: The Six Winds, 'Manestraal'
(BV Haast 9706)
1990: The Six Winds,
`Man met muts'
(BV Haast9004)

1996: Intermission, `Song of Low Songs'
(BV Haast 9612)

1994: Roy Campbell jr, `Latero del Fuego' (Delmark DE.469)

1993: The Six Winds, `Anger Dance'
(BV Haast9305)


1988: The Six Winds, `Elephants can dance'
(Sackville 3041)

1986: The Six Winds, `Live at the BIM and more'
(BV Haast064)

1984: MC Interband, `Father/Mother'
(Farm Sound Studios)

1983/84: Roha Dance Orchestra, `Buscar'
(Roha Records)

1979: Street Orchestra Ouwe Bes,
`Pile Song'
(PLP 7912)


2002 De NAZATEN 'Van New Orleans tot New Delhi', radio recording VPRO, live at the BIM huis Amsterdam & Video reportage TVWest

1998 'Blue Forest' recorded in Kyosato, Japan with Koumazaki Tatsuya guitar and
Taninaka Hideji double bass.

1998 KLAAS & JINMO live in BB street Yokohama Japan


1995 Nazaten van Prins Hendrik:`Juliana'
(Strotbrck Industri)

1995 Intermission 'Trucco di Tartini'
(recorded in de Unie Rotterdam)


1991: City and Eastern Standardtime Apocalypso Messengers

1. `Trans Europe Express/Island Hopping'
2. `Suite A-Hijaz/Procession'

3. `Suite D-minor/Suite F-Hijaz'

1991: Black Tulip Transit, `Live in Amsterdam, Edam and Rotterdam' (Roha Records)

1990: Lucky Seven, `Charmaine' (Studio Holland)

1989: Roha Big Band, `Typical Roha'
(live recording during the Heineken Jazz Festival, Rotterdam)

1988: `Music for train station Blaak' (Tango Studio)


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